TRIOS Digital Impression Scanning

Core3dcentres® are approved distributors and trainers for 3Shape TRIOS® and work very closely with 3Shape to help improve scanner functionality and software capabilities to meet the demands of our customers. At Core3dcentres we understand the importance of a good impression and we are happy to introduce to you the 3Shape TRIOS® scanner which offers accurate impressions from the start and a better patient experience.

The new TRIOS® 3 is the 3rd generation TRIOS® with its three in one digital impression solution. An intraoral scanner for fast and easy 3D colour impression taking; an integrated intraoral camera, so there’s no need to purchase one separately, and shade measurement while you scan, for more accurate and predictable results. TRIOS® enables you to be more efficient, more precise and your patients more comfortable.

The 3Shape TRIOS® 3 comes in two options, the TRIOS® 3 Cart or the Pod Solution with the option for a handle or pen grip.

The 3Shape TRIOS® Digital Impression Scanning System provides two options the TRIOS® cart and the TRIOS® pod:


  • Scan in Colour
  • Live 3D visualisation
  • Modern easy-to-use Touch Screen
  • Single hand operation
  • Unique motion sensor interface
  • Integrated Training Centre & Remote Support
  • Flexible connectivity with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth


  • Extreme Mobility
  • Use your iPad with scanning
  • Small footprint
  • Connect to multiple laptops or PCs
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