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The All on 4 methods offer patients with an aggregate or incomplete loss of teeth a dental prosthesis comprising of a fixed, full curve on four dental implants, on account of All on Four around the same time as the mediation.


Patient’s quality of life improves rapidly: the experts simultaneously places a fixed, full-arch prosthesis on four  implants on the same day as the dental implant surgery.

Treatment times are a lot more limited      

The quantity of mediations is diminished impressively and the prompt situation of the dental prosthesis around the same time as the intercession likewise limits the time in getting the last teeth. 

Dependability is accomplished regardless of whether the quality and amount of bone is insufficien    

The All on 4 dental implants are much longer than conventional implants in order to maximise contact with the bone. So, for patients who are edentulous (lacking teeth), and have only a little amount of bone and have just a little measure of bone, these methods offer a decent arrangement; the All on Four technique for patients with average bone resorption .

The cost of treatment is lower: the cost of All on 4  implants is lower than that of other dental implant treatments which require either a greater number of implants or require the utilization of different methods utilizing bone unions or more perplexing surgeries.

After evaluating each case, the Implantology specialists at the RAGA DENTAL decide which technique is most appropriate for each patient, continually guaranteeing that the patient’s personal satisfaction is improved as fast as could be expected under the circumstances and giving more secure and longer-enduring outcomes.


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