UV Activator

  • The photo functionalization of implants using ultraviolet (UV) light has been highlighted as a simple and effective method to stimulate osseointegration in machined surfaces [18–20]. UV photofunctionalization is a phenomenon of changes occurring in titanium (Ti) surfaces after UV treatment .
  • DIO finally launched UV Activator2 officially,
    the next generation surface processing system with integrated innovative technologies that have not been experienced in the past
  • UV Activator2 is a surface processing system that turns the SLA-surface processed titanium surface into hydrophilic
    in nature by removing a diverse range of organic impurities adsorbed onto the surface such as hydrocarbon through photo-radiation processing.
  • It is recognized as the next generation surface finishing method with both advantages of the dental titanium surface processing method
    researched for execution at processing unit until now and acquisition of hydrophilicity of the surface advantageous for osseointegration.
  • In addition, UV Activator2 drastically reduced ‘UV Irradiation Time’ from 20 minutes to 20 seconds by perfectly supplementing the UV ray penetration, absorption and losses of the existing system.
  • Along with the assessment that innovation has been added to existing innovation, many clinicians in Korea are already looking forward to it.
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