The Coronavirus pandemic has arisen as one of the most critical and problematic occasions in mankind’s set of experiences, affecting vast swathes of the world’s population directly or indirectly as nations imposed lockdowns to protect their people from the kind of daily activity that lends itself to easy transmission of COVID-19  ,and furthermore tried to support their readiness as thousands and thousands came to be contaminated. With even the most scientifically and technologically advanced countries not spared, the race is on to find either a cure or a vaccine, or some manner of treatment to help people tackle the virus en-masse. 


Eureka Forbes Coronaguard is a fitting and-play gadget that empowers the conveyance of a charged high-speed electrons that collaborate with the negative-chasing S-proteins of the Coronavirus. The S-Protein, which is known to attach itself to the host cell allowing the virus to enter the cellular structure, sees its infectivity reduced on account of Coronaguard’s charged electron burst, with the end result being a reduction in the air- and surface-borne transmission of the virus.

Filters are designed to indoor air quality by genuinely eliminating small particles  floating around — such as dust, pollen and pet dander. These are all things that occur naturally, but can aggravate peoples allergies if they inhale them


In raga dental we give hand sanitizers to every single patients and attenders for our patiens wellbeing reason.


 In raga dental not only doctors utilizing PPE unit our every single staffs are utilizing ppe pack to be careful and hygiene


Auto clave protocal is one of the worls best sterillization technique in the clinical field. In our RAGA dental we are keeping best nature of auto clave convention.


Quick to apply, effective coverage, no wet surfaces, efficient and cost effective! We believe fogging is a great method  of applying disinfectants, pesticide and other solutions in a variety of situations.

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