As our vision, we provide wide range of treatments ranging from navigation implants, guided implants, conventional implants, fixed partial dentures to removable dentures for the complete elimination of adventurism

Our main motto is providing painless and minimally invasive treatment managements for patients.

Navigation Implant Surgery:

The most advanced technology in the field of implant dentistry is Navigation implants. We are the first clinic in South India to practice Navigation implant surgeries with Navident and to place more than 100 implants in a swift manner within a short period of time.

Advantages of Navigation Implant Surgery:

  • Increased accuracy
  • Reduced operating duration and expense with a simplified digital workflow
  • Plans can be modified at any time, even during treatment
  • Provides more opportunities for flapless protocols and without a physical guide
  • Flapless implant surgery is related to reduced pain, less analgesic consumption, less swelling, shorter chair-time, and reduced risk of hemorrhage while achieving greater patient satisfaction



  • Precise and Accurate Implant Placement.
  •  Reduced Risks.
  • Reduced Surgical Time.
  • Better Patient Education.
  • Guided Implant Surgery Can Immediately Restore Dental Function.
  • Implants Can Often Be Placed in Compromised Jawbone.
  • Helps With Placement of Additional Implants.



  • Limit the number of appointments needed for the dental implant procedure to just one.
  • The process can be completed within a few hours since the dentist already has an overview of how to place the implants to support the entire arch of teeth.
  • Affordable dental restoration (Instead of paying for single tooth replacements, this allows patients to pay for the entire set of dental implants at once and at a less expensive rate)



  • Less invasive than bone grafting and sinus lift operations
  • One-stage procedure
  • Faster healing time
  • Effective option for patients who cannot have traditional implants
  •  Immediate loading protocol offers same day teeth
  • Natural-looking, permanent replacement teeth
  • Excellent alternative to dentures
  • Safe procedure with high, long-term success rates
  • Immediate improvement in appearance, comfort and function


As the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu, Thanjavur is well known for its art and architecture. Brihadeeswara temple also know as The Big temple is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites since 1987 because of its complex architecture. Not only Brihadeeswarar temple, Thanjavur is a city of many architectural marvels such as Maratha palace, Manimandapam, Saraswathi library, Thanjavur Art gallery , South zone Cultural Center etc.,

Health care sector in India promotes Dental tourism in large scale owing to the growing demand of people’s requirements and interests all over the world.

It is of great importance that the people approaching India, particularly Thanjavur are met with their needs.

And We, Raga Dental is a well established facility with experienced team of doctors , state of the art equipments and renowned for Implantology and Laser Dentistry. We also excel in other areas of Dentistry by  providing advanced treatment procedures to all the patients at affordable prices and  We have our own In-House CAD CAM facility, 3D printer and OPG/ CBCT machines. Every need of patients comes under one roof at Raga Dental.

We are known for our clinical excellence, promising service and integrity among all our patients.

Facilities offered by us

  • We provide a free pick up and drop services from our nearby Airport to the clinic for our International Patients
  • We can also help you with your preference of hotels for your stay.
  • We can also help you with your commute during the treatment duration and also for your sight seeing trips

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